We often get asked what the best locks for composite or UPVC door are? The answer is ABS locks by Avocet and when it comes to ABS locks fitted in Colchester, we certainly do fit a lot of them.  They feature a lot more security aspects than most standard locks so it makes them ideal for businesses and homes were high security is important. Some of the extra security features are listed below.

  • Anti snap (a common way for burglars to break in)
  • Anti drill
  • Anti screw
  • Anti twist
  • Anti pick
  • Anti bump

Many locksmiths use ABS Avocet locks on their own homes and businesses, as well as fitting them frequently for customers that want the extra security that the ABS lock offers. You can get the locks keyed alike, which is very handy if you have multiple doors as 1 key will open them all.

ABS Avocent Locks offer a whole new lever of security

Avocet really have taken these locks to a whole new level of security. Instead of doing what most do by mass producing a standard cylinder, they have taken time to perfect what is already one of the best locks for UPVC and composite doors on the market!


ABS Avocent Locks, ABS Locks fitted in Colchester Essex

Here is a recent job I completed in Colchester, Essex. The customer needed their locks changed as it was a new build property and they didn’t know who else potentially had copies of the keys. After showing and explaining the pros of having ABS locks they went ahead and we fitted fitted 5 locks keyed alike and 1 on a separate key. Before the job was completed the customer had held 18 keys, now they hold 6.

ABS Locks for UPVC and composite doors, ABS Locks fitted in Colchester Essex

ABS Avocet UPVC Door locks, supplied and installed, Colchester Essex Multiple one key ABS locks on your UPVC and Composite doors, New locks, lock changes Colchester Essex

If you need any advice on ABS locks, want some fitted or have any locksmith advice in general, please give us a call on 01206 430267 and we will be happy to assist.  You can take a look at our Checkatrade reviews too, so that you know exactly the sort of company we are.

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