Locksmith in Ipswich

Morgan Locksmiths wanted to add this job to our posts to shows why It is imperative that you have the correct locks on your door. We are a locksmith in Ipswich and frequently get called out to lock emergencies.

Our customer in Ipswich was locked out of her houseUPVC Lock mechanisms. Locksmith in Ipswich Suffolk - Morgan Locksmiths

Our customer in Ipswich called as she was locked out. Because we’re based in Ipswich we were able get to the property and get the customer back in her house within 15 minutes of her callin us.   It took a total of 5 seconds to open the door with non destructive entry.  The door only had a bog standard lock but this door really needs a minimum of a British standard deadbolt on the door.

We specialise in UPVC lock mechanisms

UPVC lock mechanisms can be tricky to deal with. Luckily at Morgan locksmiths we specialise in these and carry most UPVC locks as standard in the van. Our customer had their faulty mechanism replaced within 1 hour of calling.  We don’t charge a call out fee for emergency locksmith jobs and because we’re a local Ipswich Locksmith we can get to customers in an emergency very quickly indeed and solve their problem on the spot.  As you get straight through to an experienced, qualified locksmith when you call us, not a call centre, we can always advice you over the phone as well.

So, if you need a qualified, experienced emergency locksmith in Ipswich, contact us on 01473 396146 or email info@morganlocksmiths.co.uk



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